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In an effort to support customers through an easy transition of their Abra Suite software, Aatrix will continue to provide end of year and tax eFiling services through 1/31/2021.


1. Select the W-2 Form.

Click on "W-2 Filing" under the "Payroll" Menu. 

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Select your Company

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Select your Company Employees

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2. Review Company Information.

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A company setup wizard will take you through your company information that will display on the W-2/W-3 forms. All or most of the information will be populated from Sage Abra Suite.

3. Review Employee Information.

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The wizard will take you into a grid displaying all of your employee data to review. Several data validations are performed during this step to ensure accuracy of your employee data and help elimination rejections.

4. Select Your Filing Options.


The complete eFile package is the best value but you can also eFile just your Federal and or State W-2s/W-3s as well as print all your W-2 copies.

5. Review Your Forms.

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A Form Viewer will display your forms for review. You can print a record copy if eFiling or your official copy if printing and mailing.

6. Submit Your Forms.

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An eFile wizard will guide you through submitting your forms to the eFile Center. Enrollment to the eFile center is required to obtain a username and password, click here to enroll now or you can enroll at time of eFiling.

Aatrix ACA eFiling

For specific ACA/1095 information, please contact Sage at: (800) 424-9392

Quarterly Updates
How does this work?

Select the W-2 form within your software. After confirming your W-2 information is correct, click "eFile" and follow the simple instructions.

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Payroll eFile Center Enrollment

Go to efile.aatrix.com and complete the easy online enrollment forms. If filing only W-2s, you do not have to complete the payment info or signature page options.

This enrollment site allows you to set up your password protected personal eFile management account. Enter your company information, other reporting details, and POA release to be ready to eFile immediately. This site maintains a complete detailed history of all filings. Personalized messaging from our eFiling administrators provides details about your filing, as well as alerts concerning critical filing information.

Our Customers Say It Best

Aatrix conducted its annual survey of our eFile customers following the W-2 filing period in January and February of 2013. The following is a summary of the results and the percentage of those respondents that would recommend this service to others went up to 93%.


How do I know that Aatrix has received my W-2's?

  • You will receive an email immediately upon the receipt of the filing. The email will contain a unique confirmation identification number called an AFID (Aatrix Filing Identification Number) and the anticipated date that your employees W-2s will be mailed.

How do I pay the filing fees?

  • Payment is made via a major credit card at the time of the filing.

What if my employee loses their W-2?

  • All of your companies W-2s are stored in a history file on your computer. You can view and print any W-2 as needed. 

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W-2/ACA Webcast

For the months of December and January webcast sessions will be provided as recordings.

Just click on the link to watch the recording:

Aatrix W2 Process »

Aatrix W-2 Demo

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View a recorded product demonstration presented by one of our eFile specialists. See how simple eFiling is in this step-by-step tutorial.

You can also open this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEz8RDoBbag

Aatrix ACA Demo

ACA Demo Image.png

View a recorded product demonstration presented by one of our eFile specialists. See how simple eFiling is in this step-by-step tutorial.

You can also open this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8si9F95wP2A

ACA Webcast