Complete Service

The COMPLETE Service is guaranteed to save you time & money. Choose the COMPLETE Service and let us take care of your year-end reporting!

The COMPLETE Service keeps the process in-house and provides a comprehensive Do It Yourself (DIY) process that eliminates the frustration, expense, and risk associated with year-end reporting.

The COMPLETE eFile Service includes:
  • W2s/1099s/1095s are printed & mailed to your Employees/Recipients Next Business Day!
  • W2s/1099s/1095s are hosted securely online for your Employees/Recipients to access at anytime for 2 years.
  • Electronically file to the IRS or SSA.
  • Electronically file State & Required Reconciliation form(s).
  • Employer/Payer W2/1099/1095 forms provided.
Note: W2s import easily into Intuit TurboTax® & H&R Block®
eFiling Eliminates Many Filing Expenses!
Average in-house cost is approximately $4.00 per Employee/Recipient
  • Postage
  • Paper & Envelopes
  • Ink/Toner
  • Labor (folding paper & stuffing envelopes)
  • Printer Alignment Issues
No more worrying about:
  • Lost W2s/1099s/1095s – USPS Tracking
  • Employees/Recipients Addresses - National Change of Address forwards W2s/1099s/1095s to the new address on file with USPS
  • Specific Federal and State due dates
  • Determining which filing format is required
  • Electronic filing requirements for Federal and State agencies
  • Reconciliation forms
  • Website Upload Issues
  • Lost W2s/1099s/1095s – USPS Tracking
  • Fines/Penalties for malformed file formats
  • Corrections – Quick & Easy

Our Customers Say It Best!

Great service for a great price! Greatly simplifies my end of year tax filings.Thank you.
Nature Neutral, LLC

We have used Aatrix for over 3 years now and we are very happy. It has saved us incredible amounts of time. Processing quarter end used to be a 2 or 3 day ordeal that now takes half a day because of the ease of filing with Aatrix E-filing system.
ONSITE Woodwork Corporation

The Aatrix services are great, easy to use, and I love that I do not have to remember to order forms ahead of time, or fight with making them line up on the printer! For a small fee, they print and mail all the recipient forms and efile the government forms. The fees are reasonable, and given the savings on purchasing forms and for postage, not to mention the time it saves, it more than pays for itself.
Houchin Construction

Aatrix is very easy to use and takes the pressure out of eFiling and using the correct forms. I remember when the social security number was moved a few years ago on the W2. It didn't matter that I didn't know before filing because Aatrix already had the correct form in the correct format!
Frank's Piggly Wiggly

Aatrix Software…. Hmmmm Why wouldn’t everybody add this to their payroll systems! Oh I know, they have extra time on their hands to fool around with all those W-2's, or all those tax reports.Not me!!! Aatrix is best thing that has happened in my office. W-2's were done in 30 minutes. Tax reporting in another 30 minutes and I am talking 2000+ employees. 26 Fast Food restaurants business in 3 states.

Year-end in an hour. 2 hours DONE. Cost 3900.00, Not 960.00 in postage not including re-mails, 1000.00 in W2 forms, 500.00 in envelopes. 2000.00 in labor costs adding, printing, stuffing, postage machine.

The best thing is that if there is an error in someone’s W-2. Social Security # is not right or wages. You go back in fix it. Re-send it and Aatrix takes care of all the paper work that needs to be re-filed with the government agencies and re-sends to employee or emails it to them. For $1.95.

My company uses Aatrix for all our payroll tax filing. Less room for human error. I would not have any other way.

Cheri Snover, Accountant / Office Manager - Trefz & Trefz, Inc.

This is a great service and stunningly inexpensive. It saves me several hours of printing, collating and fussing with forms and costs almost nothing. I had to make a couple of corrections last year and the process was painless. Thank you!
Westfield Farm

We have recommended you to companies and speak well of how easy and affordable Aatrix makes year-end procedures. Quarterlies are very easy to do with Aatrix as well - little time and effort!
S. Robideau Construction

Your technical support people are incredibly helpful. I am a very satisfied customer.
Copper State Communications, Inc.

Affordable and user-friendly. Easy to access documents after filing. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to simplify their filing process!
City of Melissa

We started using your service in 2014. I wish we had started years ago because it is so convenient.
Statesboro Regional Public Libraries

This is a great product. I was able to get through it without calling your support staff. Just follow the instructions, and don't overthink it. Yes, I will use this again, and again, and recommend it to my colleagues.
Autism Speaks, Inc.