Save Time and Money
with EBS Software

How much time could you save by completing federal and state tax reports directly from your accounting software? Now you can with EBS Software Enhanced Tax Reporting. Enhanced Tax Reporting automatically produces more than 330+ tax forms to plain paper including: state and federal quarterly tax forms, W-2s and much more, all conveniently from within your EBS Software accounting software.
The interface is simple to understand and easy to use because it is an exact replica of the government form you receive in the mail, with one BIG exception. It is already filled out! It makes quarterly and annual reporting a snap. The reports are automatically completed and can be reviewed or edited on screen. Once you've verified the information, you can print the form to plain paper or conveniently eFile using the Aatrix® eFile Center.
User Interface
Aatrix's Single-Point™ eFile Center facilitates eFiling any of the supported state and federal reports in one central site for processing. After reviewing the form in EBS Software, simply select "eFile" and the information is sent directly to the Aatrix Payroll eFile Center. You'll receive confirmation that the file was received via email. The form is processed and sent to the appropriate agency securely. Going paperless has never been easier!
Complete W‐2 eFile Service simplifies filing and saves you money!
  • File your State and Federal W-2s and mail the employee W-2s directly to them in a fraction of the time it has taken in the past.
  • Aatrix Payroll eFile Center has added the ability to deliver your employees W-2s via a secured website for instant access.
  • No more reprinting lost or bad address W-2s. Simply provide your employee or ex-employee their login information and they print their own W-2s.
  • W-2s can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • You can now accomplish this task quickly, accurately, for an amazingly low price.

Just Ask Our Customers

Here’s what satisfied Aatrix® customers are saying about the convenience of automatic state and federal form processing and eFiling!

“Using Aatrix® saved me time, money, and was LESS STRESSFUL. Took back the forms, envelopes, and did not use the stamps and had a lot of money left over.”

- Weeks Farms Partners

“This software made my W‐2 preparation SO EASY!  I could print everything as many times as I needed and the steps were so easy to follow.”

- Community Action Commission of Belmont County

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