Aatrix eFile

eFiling Eliminates Many Filing Expenses!
Average in-house cost is approximately $7.50/employee

Save money with using the Complete eFile Service by eliminating:

  • W-2 Paper & envelopes cost
  • Ink cost for printing
  • Employee W-2 postage
  • Federal and State Certified mail cost
  • Labor (folding paper, stuffing envelopes, applying postage)
Complete W-2 eFile Service

The Complete W-2 eFile Service Includes:

  • W-2s are printed & mailed to your employees
  • W-2s are hosted online for your employees to access at anytime
  • File your Federal W-2s & W-3
  • File your State W-2s & required reconciliation form
  • Print your employer W-2s


Guided Process Makes W-2 eFiling A Breeze!
Our Customers Say It Best!
Receta, Inc.: Let me say I love your software and service. You have saved me lots of time and frustration. 🙂 Thanks!
Augustinian Friars: First time i ever used a service to prepare and file my w-2's. It was very easy, affordable and saved me hours of time. I will definitely be using the service again.
Options: I am extremely satisfied with the eFiling. I only wish it had been available years earlier! It has streamlined the EOY process, and the quarterly reports. Thanks!
CPA Magazine Review
Ease of use is the best feature, hands down. Aatrix does one thing, and does it well, so it is important that the user interface does not get in the way. From the simple screen design to the obvious choices available, anyone can get the necessary reports processed.
For in-house payroll solutions, Aatrix is the add-on that can be a lifesaver.
Aatrix is an excellent state and federal report processing solution for any accountant or individual company running in-house payroll.


Never worry about W-2 requirements again!
No more worrying about:
  • Proper mailing addresses
  • Specific Federal and State due dates
  • Determining which filing format is required (MMREF, Magnetic Media, CD, ISCESA, FSET, etc.)
  • Electronic filing requirements for Federal and State agencies
  • Reconciliation forms (may need to be mailed or uploaded to a different address or agency, included in electronic format, different due dates).
  • Uploading to website issues (location, method, file format)
  • Error handling of malformed electronic files
  • Lost filings in the mail
  • Fines for late filings (when submitted timely)
Comprehensive W-2 eFiling Includes:
  • Complete W-2 filing service including Employee mailing
  • Web hosted W-2s
  • Federal filing and ALL State filing as well as many local filings
  • Federal, State and Local only filing service


Aatrix Guarantees Compliance!
The Aatrix eFile Center assumes responsibility for every filing received on time. This provides you with a fool-proof filing method that eliminates the risk of costly fines and penalties.

W2 error checking eliminates 99% of rejections, fines and time spent with the Social Security Administration due to over 50 built-in data validations within Aatrix Software™ including:

  • SSN Numbers
  • Name Formatting
  • Social Security Limits
  • Medicare Wages
  • Fed Wage Checking
  • State W-2
  • A-3 Report
  • State W-2
  • A1-R Report
  • State W-2
  • AR3MAR Report
  • CA DE-7 Report
  • State W-2
  • DR 1093 Report
  • State W-2
  • W3 Report
District of Columbia
  • State W-2
  • WR Report or W3 WR8
  • State W-2
  • FR-900B
  • State W-2
  • G1003 Report
  • State W-2
  • HW-3 Report
  • IA 44-007 Report
  • State W-2
  • 967 M Q A Report or 967 Monthly Report
  • State W-2
  • State W-2
  • WH-3 Report
  • State W-2
  • KW-3 Report or KW-3E
  • State W-2
  • 42A806 Report
  • State W-2
  • L-3 Report
  • State W-2
  • W--3ME Report
  • State W-2
  • MW508 Report
  • State W-2
  • M3 Report or M3M Report
  • State W-2
  • 165 Report
  • State W-2
  • State W-2
  • 89-140 Report
  • State W-2
  • W-3 Report
  • State W-2
  • MW3-AR Report
  • State W-2
  • W-3N Report
New Jersey
New Mexico
  • State W-2
  • W-3M Report
  • State W-2
  • RPD-41072 Report
North Carolina
North Dakota
  • State W-2
  • NC-3 Report or NC-3M Report
  • State W-2
  • F-307 Report
  • State W-2
  • IT-3 Report
  • State W-2
  • WR Report
Rhode Island
  • State W-2
  • REV-1667 Report
  • State W-2
  • W3 Report
South Carolina
  • State W-2
  • WH-1612 Report
  • State W-2
  • TC-941R Report
  • State W-2
  • WH-434 Report
  • State W-2
  • VA-6 Report or VA-W Report
West Virginia
  • State W-2
  • IT-103 Report
  • State W-2
  • WT-7


Deliver Your Employee's W-2s Online
Employees print their own W-2s
Your employee just enters a password and their W-2 is instantly available on-line, they can print as often as needed! You won't need to reprint lost copies or resend W-2s. Just give your employee, or ex-employee, their password and they can print from home, office or their tax preparers.
Online delivery of employee W-2s simplifies filing
  • Employee W-2s available online within 24 hours
  • File your Federal W-2s & W-3
  • File your State W-2s & required reconciliation form
  • Print your employer W-2s
Save Money

You can now accomplish this task quickly, accurately, for an amazingly low price.