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1. Select the W-2 Form.

Under the Reporting section, click "Produce W-2s" or "Federal/State Reporting".

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If you click "Produce W-2s", the "Print W-2 Forms" option will bring state the Aatrix solution which provides both the print and eFile option.

AgriSolutions - AgManager

If you click "Federal/State Reporting", this will bring up a forms selection window to select W-2/W-3 and click "Display Form".

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2. Review Company Information.

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A company setup wizard will take you through your company information that will display on the W-2/W-3 forms. All or most of the information will be populated from AgManager.

3. Review Employee Information.

Aatrix W2 Instructions 02.jpg

The wizard will take you into a grid displaying all of your employee data to review. Several data validations are performed during this step to ensure accuracy of your employee data and help elimination rejections.

4. Select Your Filing Options.

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The complete eFile package is the best value but you can also eFile just your Federal and or State W-2s/W-3s as well as print all your W-2 copies.

5. Review Your Forms.

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A Form Viewer will display your forms for review. You can print a record copy if eFiling or your official copy if printing and mailing.

6. Submit Your Forms.

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An eFile wizard will guide you through submitting your forms to the eFile Center. Enrollment to the eFile center is required to obtain a username and password, click here to enroll now or you can enroll at time of eFiling.

Aatrix ACA eFiling

For specific ACA/1095 information, please contact AgriSolutions at: (877) 372-3003

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Quarterly Updates
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View our library of over 330+ State and Federal tax forms automatically available to all AgManager Customers.

Our Customers Say It Best

"Using Aatrix to eFile quarterly reports has been an enjoyable experience. The forms are easy to use and follow. Sending the reports electronically has made the (quarterly) reporting easier and less time consuming."

Trudi Janquart
Specialty Chem Products Corp.

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